Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A Quick Plug

Assuming that many readers of this news blog are not members of the DBWPS, please excuse this quick plug.

Last week this publication landed on my doormat...

The Devon Bird Report is 204 pages of quality A5 paper, and is as good a county report as you're likely to find. Many (most?) birdwatchers of my generation were weaned on their county bird reports, but I'm not so sure about younger birders? When I first moved to Devon it was an essential purchase, quickly followed by membership of the Society. The main reasons (for me) were to familiarise myself with the county's birdlife (especially the status of different species) and to access local news and contacts. DBWPS also publishes two excellent journals each year - Devon Birds - of the same format and quality as the report, though usually 40-odd pages, not 200+! And if you're relatively new to the hobby or the locale, membership would be a great way to access the many organised field trips/indoor meetings and meet like-minded folks.

There, that's my plugging done.

Good birding all...