Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Hear .. Hear... to Gavin's blatant plug, I too always relish seeing the annual report, it's certainly changed enormously from my first DBR in 1978 (the 1977 report), that didn't so much thud, but sort of slapped on the door mat. The new editorial team did good job this year, with more people submitting records and hopefully getting involved in the writing of it will get even better.

Broadsands today: 1 Great Northern Dive, 8 Black-necked Grebes (5 in one flock), 13 Great Crested Grebes, 1 Red-breasted Merganser, 1 Wigeon, 6 Razorbills. 6 Cirl Buntings on seed in car park and 1 tristis type and 2 collybita type Chiffchaffs in marsh.