Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Berry Hd

Seawatch 0915-17.15hrs (ST,DMN,ML) totals:
Great Skua2, Arctic Skua 6, Common Tern 253, Sandwich Tern 3, Puffin 1, Common Scoter 4, Sooty Shearwater 1, Balearic Shearwater 13, Manx Shearwaters - incredible(!!) - Simon had a few birds in the morning then Dave noticed two or three feeding frenzies building about 1 mile NE of the head at about 1.30pm, after I arrived, the groups started to move S in a continuous movement for 1.5hrs a tally of 5,875 before birds started to recirculate and there was still at least two sizable flocks sat on the water that I hadn't counted! Oh to be on that yacht below...
Update... MD went to Start Point during the afternoon  for several hours and didn't pick up on any real Manx passage at at all (about 260 birds in total) so there must be some huge flocks remaining to feed further north in Lyme Bay.

Bottle-nosed Dolphin (DMN and ML estimated 4 moved S at 2pm - but going through my photos there was at least 6 different dorsal fins! 2 Harbour porpoises.

Probably my last blog on the old DBN before it changes over - it's been great and a shame it didn't reach 1,000,000 hits (close thing 923,917 in two years) before changing over. It's success was down to all the contributor's so - well done to everyone that has been involved - but especially Gavin Haig for getting it started. Lets hope as many birders as possible get involved in the new even better site with its public launch tomorrow- it's looking really good!