Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Common Sandpiper - Teign Estuary

A colour-ringed bird was present at Passage House on 11 & 15 July, one of at least 13 birds present at the time.

Full details below with thanks to Derek Yalden.

O/R-W//M is a male from my R. Ashop population, in the Peak District, originally ringed 28 June 2010, guarding a late chick/fledgling til 5 July at Upperhouse Farm. He was back in the same territory 4 May-6 July 2011. This year, he was back again, 2 May, and I ringed his 4 chicks on 12 June. He was still there, guarding one fledgling (seen) , on 4 July, but had gone by 11 July. Fascinating to find he was already down in Devon.

It's good to know despite the weather not all the waders we are seeing are failed breeders.