Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Berry Head

Seawatching with Dave Norman covering 09:15-14:15 between us. Steady trickle of Manx reaching c400, but no Balearics, 3 Arctic Skua (two went into Torbay), 1 Pomarine Skua (sub-ad type), 1 Bonxie and 2 Puffins.

One Harbour Porpoise off the headland, while fishermen reported a pod of dolphins heading south earlier. For me the highlight was a couple of huge splashes way-out of a breaching animal, on the third time I managed to get on the beast which revealed itself as a really large Thresher Shark coming right out of the water! I did not realise they can be so big - one caught off Cornwall weighed 1,250lb and measured 32ft!