Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sharkham Point and Mansands

Took the opportunity to Seawatch in the wrong conditions for a couple of hours this evening off Sharkham Point 1630-1830hrs hoping to look at the returning day trawlers. No trawlers. 71 Manx Sheawaters heading north joining a huge raft of them directly off the point, sea state made it difficult to count but in excess of 250 birds. Also 1 Storm petrel. The weather cleared and a Cuckoo was present on the way back.
Yesterday went looking at Rock pools on Mansands with my eldest which gave me a chance to look at the new hide over looking the marsh. This shot was looking from the hide.

For anyone interested there seems to be a lot of Dragonflies present over the pools. The local breeders seemed to be doing well with the improved area too. Not quite what the Axe birders have but it's a start!
This shot from the beach