Tuesday, 8 May 2012

For info of N.Devon Birders.

After strolling around Isley and the Jetty Roost, I decided to have a look into the old Yelland Power Station Generator Pit pond. In the past few years Grey Heron, which used to nest in the conifers nearby, transferred their breeding site onto small islands within the pit pond. c30 Sand Martin also took up residence in the cable conduits around the pit and also 2 Great Black-backed Gull pairs also nested in a similar fashion to the Herons.
On asking permission to enter the site, I was informed that all the water in the pond had had to be drained on instructions by Health and Safety and that now there was nothing worth observing.
I saw that the pond had been drained and partially filled with rubble, broken up reinforced concrete and general site rubbish.
So no more nesting Herons and Sand Martins, nor Little Grebes, Moorhens, Coots, Canada Geese and certainly no more Ring-necked Ducks, one of which appeared a few years ago.
Just 1 pair of GBBGs were hanging on.
Who thought up Health and Safety and why does it have to interfere in the countryside?
Because people are so ready to complain of catching their clothes on brimbles etc on the Tarka Trail,  hedges and bushes have been cut back; sometimes by half; into nice little, neat, straight-edged bushes. All in the interests of Health and Safety and with no thought into the reduction of small birds along the trail. VERY SAD!
I appologise to Devon Bird News Blog for "ranting on."