Friday, 25 May 2012

Belated White Storks on the Otter!

BUDLEIGH JOURNAL: Nothing quite like being gripped off on the local patch by the local paper!

Been away for about a month working and return to find out that 3 White Storks were seen in the field by White Bridge (field next to where the Purple Heron was earlier this year) on Tuesday 22nd May. Doug & Joan Cullen spoke with the guy who saw them but rather frustratingly for them, a day or two after the event! It seems the birds flew out to sea quite early in the morning on the Tuesday, so presumably it is the same 3 birds that were seen over Dawlish Warren on Monday evening (21st) and the birds must have roosted on the Otter Monday night.
The only slight comfort I have is that I was in Italy watching bears at the time!