Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Lyme Bay

Fishing well out into Lyme Bay today in the fog again saw a significant passage of pipits skylarks etc with flocks coming through every 5 minutes before lunch. We also managed to save 2 birds today ! A Redwing that had dropped into the water right beside the boat and was in danger of being attacked by Fulmars so I managed to fish it out in the net and it spent the rest of the day in the cabin curled up in a hat, and a little pipit that landed exhausted on the boat ,which after helping to drive the boat home  (see photo attached) decided to curl up in one of the guys hands and go to sleep until we got back to Brixham, where both birds had recovered enough to fly off. That suggests to me that there must be significant losses during passage as we were only covering half a mile of water whilst fishing – has anyone done any work on that anywhere out of interest. Seabirds were very standard fare I’m afraid.

PS We had a lot of cod so I got a fry up as well – happy days

[Tim Clyburn]