Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Velator reserve

Opened some nets this morning, just to see what might be about. Retrapped a male Cetti's Warbler that has been calling for about 10 days now. He was ringed on 2nd September last year as a juvenile. Later on I caught another Cetti's - this time a new male, also aged 5 (last year's bird). Later on I trapped a new male Goldcrest - is this the first evidence of a spring movement? I was vaguely thinking that there might be a few Goldies on the move.....
The Canada Geese seem to be down to two pairs fighting for the right to nest on the island. One of them has a strange blue ring on it's left leg - Kane Brides says he has no idea who puts odd blue rings on Canada Geese. Anyone any ideas?
Roll on March!