Sunday, 5 February 2012

Otter and Exmouth

Otter Estuary - c1510 - 1615 - caspian gull - presumed female again present this afternoon.

West Lodge - 0840 - yellow-browed warbler still. Also 10 goldeneye including 4 displaying drakes.

Maer Rocks - 0800 - 2 dunlin, 2 knot, 1 ringed plover, 4 turnstone and 4 eider.

Friday - 3/2 - 2 purple sandpiper on Maer Rocks and the yellow-browed warbler again in the Holm Oak copse at West Lodge.
Very educational watching the caspian this afternoon. It looked a different beast to last Sunday when it kept its head low. Note how tiny the head is in relation to the body which, combined with the long slender bill gives it a unique profile. The best way to pick this bird out is to look for the darker neutral grey upperparts lacking any bluish tones. In flight look for a big white tip to p10 and large mirror on p9.