Sunday, 26 February 2012

Broadsands- Clennon Valley, Paignton

16 members (East Devon Branch) of DBWPS enjoyed a morning around Broadsands and after lunch the remainder moved on to Clennon Valley, Paignton.
A Water Rail was heard from the stream runing through the car parks and Chiffchaff and Goldcrest were also present in the trees. 16 Cirl Bunting (8 f and 5 m) were found, although our enjoyment was spoilt by a lady dog walker who insisted on walking through the feeding area in spite of our protests! Sea conditions were very calm but few birds present other than single numbers of Gt Crested Grebe, 20 C. Scoter and a possible Bl.- Necked Grebe. The group were almost mowed down by a large gentleman on a mobility scooter who seemed to deliberately aim at us and protested he was blind!
A Bullfinch and a pair of Blackcap were sighted briefly above Elbury Cove.
After lunch the group moved on to Clennon Valley where there was a group of 22 Magpie.