Saturday, 14 January 2012

A Plea For Your 2011 Records

To make the next one of these....

....we need your bird records!

This is another one of those 'plea posts', asking for all 2011 bird records to be sent to Julia and myself at, ideally no later than the 31st January 2012.

Just because bird sightings have been posted up on this blog, it doesn't mean they will automatically drop into our database and appear in the next Devon Bird Report. They need to be submitted to us at the above email address, using the forms available on the DBWPS website at:

Likewise, there are still a number of Devon A rarities that require descriptions. If you found a County Rarity in 2011 but haven't yet completed a rarities form - then please do! The relevant forms can be found at It is always such a shame when pukka records of rare birds cannot be added to the database and archives just because there isn't any/enough documentation to support the record.

If you really don't like writing, and have a photo of said bird, or possibly made notes in a notebook - then copies of these would be better than nothing. Please send any completed rarity forms, or photos/photocopies of notebooks of Devon A rarities to