Saturday, 7 January 2012

Bursdon Moor and Lower Tamar Lake

Started the day at Bursdon Moor where at 08.20 got 3 hen harriers - 2 at the north end and 1 south/top end. On to Lower Tamar lake where on arrival a flypast first of lapwings numbering 200+ then sizeable flock of redwings and fieldfares. In the hide a 'swimpast' of 9 goosander (5 males) resplendent in the morning sunlight.
Then a kingfisher perched on a reedmace head 20metres out. A jay at the feeding station with nuthatch, great spotted wood and the reliable willow tit... A female sparrowhawk swooped in but failed to capture any of the 7 common snipe feeding on one of the newly formed miniature islands in front of the hide.
Numbers of teal, mallard, little grebe, a great crested grebe and a pochard or two. All the while serenaded by songthrushes. Fabulous!

[Stewart Beer]

Drake Goosander by Brian Palmer