Friday, 23 December 2011

Wembury 22 and 23/12

While most people were searching for last minute Christmas presents, I was searching for last minute year ticks. Just like shopping, I had to wait until the last possible minute to find something that I wanted! Lots of time and effort searching for Firecrest, Water Rail, Purple Sand and Tawny Owl but no luck! Best bird of yesterday was a Stock Dove (only just annual here although 3-4 seen this year). Masses of Redwings with 1500+ yesterday when normally we would be scratching round for the odd one in December. No Fieldfare but lots of Song Thrush (many in song...) and Blackbirds seeming very conspicuous.

Today a quick seawatch yielded 7 Common Scoter, 5 Kittiwake and 10+ Fulmar. One Guillemot was on the sea as well. In the fading light of this evening a Woodcock flew out of the radar compound to add itself to the year list.

Edit: A quick request - if anyone has got our Turnstones, can we have them back please? I have only seen one in the whole of December when normally we have 50+.