Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Interesting Wigeon - Christmas Eve

Came across this quite striking cold grey-headed Wigeon in amongst the Wigeon flock feeding in fields beside the Otter on Christmas Eve. It did seem to show some features that could potentially be good for female American Wigeon with the cold grey dark peppered head contrasting with warmer flanks, dark shadow behind eye and paler forecrown and subtly different head shape. Wing coverts possibly show a third white bar in wing.
However, it could equally be a very grey variant Eurasian Wigeon.

Frustratingly I did not have enough time to get the critical underwing shot! I have had a brief look again yesterday and today, but the Wigeon flock seems smaller and greatly dispersed on the estuary. Worth keeping an eye out for it amongst the the Axe/ Exe Wigeon flocks as I would be keen to see the underwing!