Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Exminster Marshes

At 13.45 whilst watching the marsh from the railway line path, with Paul & Tom Kemp, all the birds flew up as they often do. Amongst them however was a Glossy Ibis. This bird then dropped back on to the marsh. The bird then flew up again at 13.55 and flew ever up and away so that it appeared to drop down at or near Bowling Green Marsh. At 14.10 to my amazement the same or another bird was feeding happily close to the same path we were on by the railway line. Great views and it could be identified as a Juv/Imm. The bird then took off and flew back towards Topsham last being seen at 14.25 flying high and north. Nobody else had mentioned it when we had arrived, so I am hoping that I was lucky enough to have found it. One subsequent report was that it was seen flying back from Topsham between our sightings so confirming that it was just one bird.

Also seen were one Short-eared Owl (plus a number of birders out on the marsh with their cameras. Can I support Gavin's comment below, this is not fair on the birds. One guy with his camera flushed the bird twice. His actions were simply selfish and unreasonable. He was wearing a full set of blue waterproofs, so if you know him tell him) and a Merlin.