Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Recent News from Plymouth Sound

Glossy Ibis leaving Drakes Island egret roost at 07.05am on 12th; 07.12am on 13th and 07.15am on 15th Nov, before heading up the Tamar on the Cornish side of the river.

Spoonbill passing Western Kings/ Devils Pt area and heading up the Tamar at approx 07.20am on 13th and also at 07.25am on 14th. Looked unringed. On the 14th it was watched for about 5mins heading up the Tamar & was lost from view at least 1.5miles away still heading up the Tamar and was probably near Devonport Royal Dockyards or possibly, by then, was even further away. 
Looks to me like the Little Egret numbers on Drakes Island have escalated very recently and I counted at least 51 leaving the roost at dawn on the 14th with a v minimum 49 this morning. Today two probable Whitefronted geese sp flew in close together from Plymouth Sound past Devils Pt, before dropping into the St Johns Lake area. Also today I was surprised to find one extremely lively & frenetic Swallow hawking around Devils Pt for several minutes. 
[Robert Hurrell]