Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Odd Geese on the Taw.

Having looked at the pic link on Mike`s posting of the Snow/Barnacle hybrids, I would say that it certainly looks like the birds I saw today. I observed them with my scope from a distance of about 800 yards so it was difficult to be positive what they were at the time. I`m pretty convinced after having looked at the image that they are the hybrids.

I also re-read the entry in the 2009 Devon Bird Report for the birds seen at Bishops Tawton.
I hadn`t realised that they had been i/d as Snow/Barnacle hybrids. At that time I thought their head shape and size made me think more of Ross` Geese rather than Snow Geese so is it possible they could be Ross`/Barnacle Hybrids?

Anyway, it appears they`re back.