Thursday, 13 October 2011

Powderham & Exminster Marshes

The impressive flock of green finches is still on Powderham Marshes. I estimated about 200 birds that included a few goldfinches (c6), linnets (c10) and 6 reed buntings. I heard a green sandpiper but could not see it. A flock of 12 blackbirds and 2 song thrushes was close to the Swan's Nest. Two stonechats were being chased by two male reed buntings.

On Exminster marshes there was another much smaller flock of green finches, about 30, feeding on hawthorn berries alongside the railway. I heard Cettis calling from two locations. A flock of c80 linnets was on the dried up pool near to the car park but they were attracting the attention of two sparrowhawks. It was low tide at Turf and so few waders. On the lagoon I counted well over 300 wigeon and about 150 coot. The water level is dropping as the water is used to wet up the surrounding fields leaving a nice muddy rim to the water. Might be interesting at high tide.

I failed to hear or see any chiffchaffs throughout the walk. I echo Mike's comments - where have they gone? I did see several tit flocks with goldcrests but no warblers.