Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Pom fest - Berry Hd - 231011

Following the significant passage of Pomarine Skuas 23-24/10 (c150 birds mostly juvs!), some pictures showing a range juveniles that passed through (by request!).

First (above) a typical juv, quite long tail projection on this bird. Underwing looking paler than body, heavy two tone bill. Double patch on hand of underwing. Barred rump.

Another darker individual larger size cf Kittiwake

Another juv, this one has a less prominent double patch on hand. But still a nice barred rump, dark mask around eye. Heavy two tone bill. Underwing paler than body.

A very nice dark individual.

Upper and underside of two more typical juvs. First one showing more reduced tail projection.

Two different birds with more extensive pale 'double patch' area on hand almost merging when seen at range.

This bird was not a large Pom, with only a sublte 'double patch' on hand! But still show heavy two toned bill, deep chest and typical paler underwing than body. Quite long tail projections as some do!