Sunday, 30 October 2011

Otter Estuary and Otter Head

A good day today with Doug C. and I bumping into what is presumably the same Greenland White-fronted Goose seen on the Axe about 10 days ago. I must admit I just don't see enough White-fronted Geese and it was good to see this bird was so obliging. Not the orangest of bills, but based on the long bill with definite orange tones, narrow tail band, build and overall darkness of bird it seems to fit flavirostris. The bird is frequenting the main scrapes just north of Lime Kiln car park in with the Canada Geese.
This afternoon, thanks to a timely text from Steve W, the Osprey was seen over Otter Head at 14.47 taking just 25 minutes to fly from Seaton! The afternoon ended well with a bonus Quail in flight in nearby fields found earlier by Brian H.