Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Exe Estuary

Cycled back along the Exe from Exeter to Starcross after work. Spoonbill feeding on east bank of river adjacent the Goatwalk. Although seen distantly from the Exeter Canal towpath, in flight I was sure I could make out black wing tips so this I assumed was the immature bird. Between Turf and Powderham church also watched a single wheatear flitting to and fro by the EA bank-side works.

Acorns - don't know if its just me, but seem to be more than usual littering the paths at the moment which makes me wonder if its a "mast" year? Which will no doubt please the jays ... on which subject ... listened to a jay at Decoy Park this morning doing a passable impression of a buzzard. I know they are mimics, but it always surprises me that such a raucous bird can do this.