Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Seaton Area

First off, the Semipalmated Sandpiper was present again today - reported from the Axe at Coronation Corner early afternoon at least.

Also, some last-minute action...

Two Great White Egrets dropped in to Black Hole Marsh briefly, just before 19:00, then headed off east across the tramline. They found a comfy tree and went to roost. Hopefully they will still be there at dawn. They were visible from the A3052 coast road W of Boshill Cross, looking S from a position just E of the bridge over the Axe. Their tree is just over the far side of the field next to the road - the one with the WWII pillbox in it.

Finally, a Spoonbill flew SW over BHM at 19:30.

Here is a photo even worse than yesterday's Marsh Harrier. Taken at 19:30, with a shutter speed of about ten minutes...

Certainly not worth clicking on

PS. Two Great White Egrets turned up at Radipole late today as well - the timing makes them a different pair.