Saturday, 10 September 2011


Orcombe Point - 1700 - 1900 - c1500/2000+ manx shearwater, c100+ balearic shearwater, 1 grey phalarope, c100+ 'commic' tern, 1 great skua, c5+ arctic skua, 1 ad pomarine skua, 1+ sooty shearwater, 1 sabine's gull, 2 fulmar and c150+ kittiwake.
By far the best I've seen it off Orcombe Point and to be honest I was a bit overwhelmed by the large numbers of birds in front of me. My estimates of both manx and balearic shearwater are very rough and if anything quite conservative. Counting was very difficult as hundreds of birds were rafting quite close in, between Orcombe point and Sandy Bay and birds were also continually moving west. For example between 1735 and 1900 53+ balearics went west. Tern estimates are also rough. The phalarope took its time going through at 1735, frequently sitting for short periods on the water, and the sabs (presumed first summer) joined a small kittiwake flock off Sandy Bay at about 1810, and was still present at 1845 at least.