Thursday, 29 September 2011

Beer Head

07:00 to 08:20 before work this morning - superb in the early morning sun! Good numbers of Meadow Pipits going over (though a lot of milling about made attempts to count fruitless) and a few Chiffs and Blackcaps in the scrub, though not enough time to do the bushes justice. Noteworthy were a handful of invisible but audible Siskins over, at least 2 Redpolls and a Ringed Plover heard. At least 4 Wheatears on the small bit of head covered. More Linnets and Goldfiches about than normal I think - surely only a matter of time before something good!

Forgot my scope, so 2 distant Heron silhouettes going W at 07:45 remained unresolved. I was sure they were going to turn out to have been the Axe Great White Egrets, but seemingly not. So, either the pair from Radipole...or 2 Herons!