Friday, 17 June 2011

Thurlestone Bay

having just spent 10 mins wring a post afailure occurred when I pressed the publish post spot, sorry if we end up with 2 postings.

The expected storms & driving rain didn't arrive , SEwind F5/6, viz quite good -Stoke Pt (even Rame Head at times ).

Bay watched from 08.20-12.40 from the relative shelter of the toilet block at South Huish Marsh.

196 Gannet, 1 Balearic S'water (09.20) 17 Manx S'water, 1 Kittiwake, 2 Black H Gull, 10 Common Scoter all east. 3 Sanderling & a Curlew flew through. 21 Swift flew south in 3 groups (quite high ) 3 Sandwich Tern were joined by a Common Tern (11.15), best sighting of the watch at 11.30 an adult Arctic Tern flew into the Bay then over me at aheight of 35 feet and flew up the valley.

Finally a Guillemot on the sea