Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Pale Things

The post about the leucistic juv Wheatear on Dartmoor a few days back propmpted this from Roger Smaldon:

'Very interested to see the picture of the bird on Haytor, as what looks to have been the same individual that was in a family group and still being fed by parents on Harford Moor SX 644605 on 19th and 21st June'

Also a photo of that bird, taken by Ann Willcocks:

Meanwhile - on Lundy - Grant Sherman videoed a very unusual Puffin this morning. The YouTube link was sent by Nicola Saunders. I would like to have embedded the video in this post but it is 'unlisted' on YouTube, so there is no html code to cut and paste. However, the link is included below, so just click on it to view.