Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Ringed/Flagged Sanderlings.

The ringed and flagged Sanderling that I observed at Yelland on 30/04/2011 is part of the International Wader Study Group Project that is monitoring Sanderlings on the Africa - Eurasian Flyway.
This bird was ringed in Portugal in October 2010 and my sighting was the first outside of that country.

Sightings so far:-

Colorcode: B4YYRR Name Ringer: Peter Potts 2nd Ringer: José Alves

Ringnr: D38483 Date Catch: 07/10/2010 Catching Place: Samouco beach, Alcochete

Portugal 38.44.20 N 08.59.59 W

Sightings of this bird:

Date(d/m/y) Place Observer 2nd Observer 3rd Observer

08/10/2010 Samouco beach, Alcochete Peter Potts

Portugal 38.44.20 N 08.59.59 W

31/12/2010 Samouco beach, Alcochete José Alves

Portugal 38.44.20 N 08.59.59 W

15/02/2011 Seca do Bacalhau, Alcochete beach Pedro C. Geraldes

Portugal 38.44.43 N 08.58.59 W

15/02/2011 Samouco beach, Alcochete Pedro C. Geraldes José Alves

Portugal 38.44.20 N 08.59.59 W

30/04/2011 River Taw, Yelland, Devon Maurice Clements

United Kingdom 51.04.11 N 04.10.23 W

Lets hope we see more of them.