Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Pressure off ! The male TRUMPETER FINCH still on Lundy today but only after a terrific struggle. Got to Lundy and was greeted by a blanket of mist and drizzle giving only a 30-40 yards visibility. After 15 birders searched high and low there was no sign and despite being seen upto 10am, we were all convinced it had moved off before the mist descended, but at 2.10 a couple picked the bird up sat in the wall to the right of the gate on the Halfway Wall. After a few brief flight views, the trail went cold again but then miracously, the same couple who were walking back to the village relocated the bird half way back along the track to the Quater Wall. The lady very kindly came all the way back to tell us and amazingly the bird was still present when we all arrived. The bird then gave itself up and showed for the next 40 minutes on the main track at 20 yards range, occasionally flying up and down the track calling when disturbed by non birders. Also on the island today, several Spotted Flycatchers, Turtle Dove, Whimbrel and Sedge Warbler. Many thanks to Shaun Barnes who played the perfect 'host' today and for keeping tabs on it for the last few days.