Saturday, 30 April 2011

Jetty Roost, Yelland

After visiting Weare Giffard at 07:30 and seeing the White Stork, I came back to Yelland and had a stroll down to the Jetty Roost at about 08:30.

Among a feeding flock of 64 Dunlin and 37 Ringed Plover was 1 adult spring plumaged Sanderling.
A careful scrutiny revealed that it was flagged and ringed.
I observed that it had:-

Left leg:Yellow ring.
Right leg: Blue flag over red ring.

A check of Sanderling Ringing Projects on indicates that there should be at least 1 flag and 4 colour rings, so if you see it about perhaps you can add to those I saw. It could be that the red and yellow rings were each 2 of the same colour on each leg.

10 Bar-tailed Godwit.
18 Whimbrel and just 1 Shelduck. Plenty of Common Whitethroat and 2 Wheatear in the site of the old power station. The Wheatear seem to like the large heaps of concrete boulders.

Instow Barton Marsh had 1 low flying Buzzard and contractors are clearing out the drainage ditches producing vegatation free, water filled ditches.