Saturday, 12 March 2011

Clennon Valley

How to get a Siberian Chiffchaff record rejected!..
One of the most important BBRC guidelines for acceptance of tristis records is: Absence of yellow away from the underwing...

Several singing Chiffchaffs around blossoming willows today almost certainly new birds in and first I have heard singing at site since the autumn. I then heard a tristis chiffchaff call and scanning the trees found this strange looking beast! in the next 1.5 hrs that I watched it it only called one more time as it fed continuously from the willow blossoms getting more stained as it did so (and presumably a good job of pollinating at the same time).
many other features were lost in the pollen staining but it did react very well to tristis song playback approaching me, wing quivering - as usual the other chiffchaffs ignored the tristis song playback

Above photos showing the usual buffy grey upperparts, and wing quivering to tape.
Yesterday Friday 11th March: 1 Whimbrel on rocks at Broadsands.