Wednesday, 19 January 2011

R.Taw off Pottington Ind Est and Bradiford Reserve

14:15 - 15:15

C120 Brent Geese on Penhill Marsh, until they moved downstream nearer to Penhill Point due to wildfowler setting up hide on the marsh.
2 Pintail off Penhill Marsh.
Peregrine on sandbar opp Ashfors sewage works.
3 Little Grebe.
4 Gadwall still on Bradiford Reserve pond.
1 female Goosander on shoreline of saltmarsh off Pottington.

An unidentified Grebe diving and feeding off the same saltmarsh, between Pottington sewage outfall and where the road from the estate joins the Tarka Trail. Even with 30x scope it was too far away to i/d but jizz, size and markings made me think of Slavonian.