Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Taw Estuary - Isley Marsh/Yelland Quay

This morning along the shoreline with tide high and still coming in (09:15 - 10:30). Poor light, turning to light drizzle. Wader numbers estimated as some movement of groups along the shore during the walk.

Spoonbill 7
1 with yellow band on left leg, either FJ9 or EJ9
1 with colour bands which appeared to be: blue over yellow flag over blue on left leg, blue over pink over white on right leg - colours hard to make out properly

Barwit 27

Oystercatcher 60
Dunlin 50
Turnstone 30
Redshank 30
Grey Plover 20
Curlew 20

25 Brents over heading E

Plenty of Teal and Wigeon along shore, plus 4 GC Grebes and 3 Little Grebes on water.

[from Mark Skevington]