Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Ringed Spoonbills on the Taw.

Ringed Spoonbills on the Taw were subject of an article in the Devon Birds Journal Volume 62 No.2 August 2009, by Tim Jones and Tim Davis.

Bird Ringed "FJ9" was ringed in April 2007 in Spain and has spent several winters on the Taw. See History No.9.
Left leg:- White ring inscribed FJ9.
Right leg:- Metal ring no. ESI 9050263

Flagged bird was ringed in Holland in June 2007 and is also a regular winter stayer on the Taw.
Left leg:- Dark green ring over yellow flag over dark green ring.
Right Leg:- Dark blue ring over metal ring over lime-green ring. Metal ring no.NLA8048768.
See History no.7

A total of at least 6 ringed Spoonbill have been recorded on the Taw since 2006.